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A Walk Along Gigaro Beach

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Today began lazily with tea and reading in bed. A combination of Biggles and Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes. Eventually though we showered and headed to the beach to enjoy some sunshine.

We headed for L’Escalet Beach but when we got the the hogey wagon wasn’t there so we would have got no lunch. We carried on to Gigaro Beach and parked outside a small cafe. Chocolate for P and coffee for P and a hot cheese and bacon baguette each.

It was lovely sitting by the sea having lunch warmed by the sun. We then decided to walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful scenery on offer.

We found a trail of rises along the seashore and speculated on the story behind them. Were they washed up from a boat or was it a lovers trail as they enjoyed a romantic evening stroll along the beach?

Soon after our walk began to climb along a delightful coastal path with stunning views over to the Porquerolles 4 miles off the coast.


  Eventually our walk took us inland past some vineyards before finally returning to the beach.

We sat down then for a few hours reading and grabbing photos. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.





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