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The Antics of Worth and Gates 118/366

Worth and Gates spent the day at the hospital today while Worth had his once a fortnight infusion of immunotherapy. It went well, including an even lower score on the CEA indicator in his blood. Now 10.8 and heading in the right direction. 

Feeling buoyant they left the hospital and went to MidSummer Hill on The Malverns to check out the bluebells. They have not peaked yet but they didn’t care. They remembered being in these woods last year looking at the bluebells thinking that Worth probably wouldn’t see them again. This time the same thought didn’t haunt them. What will be will be. They took photos, they walked hand in hand, they helped each other over the rough bits of ground, they kissed and like every other day, they fell in love. It is the best of living, it is the best of dying.

Each spring in the shade of the woods, between the fallen trees and dead decaying trunks, new life bursts  forth, a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful world that is but a snapshot in time. Gates is the bluebell in Worth’s world.