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The Antics of Worth and Gates 124/366


A lazy day for Worth and Gates on holiday in the south of France. However, the sunshine dragged them out of bed and into their car for lunch in Ste Maxime. Duck for Worth and salmon for Gates made for a rather delicious lunch and this necessitated an afternoon on the beach to help digest lunch. A dash to Gigaro was called for then. 

That is the fun side of living with cancer mused Worth. The not fun side of dying with cancer was the tummy ache that followed the meal and the sunglasses to hide the bloodshot eye where a blood vessel had decided to burst for no good reason. 

Worth mused some more. He likes his life – he gets to do all kinds of antics with Gates – there’s nothing to beat it.


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4 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 124/366

  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear that but I must ask: is tummy ache after eating a side effect of chemo? I eat small, but even then my stomach seems to feel funny and I cannot side down for at least 30 minutes after I eat. That pretty much eliminates eating out unless we have some lovely nearby venue to ‘walk it off’ so to speak. You two do have fun, though.

    • Hi Lois. I’m not on chemo, I’m on immunotherapy. Specifically cetuximab. A side effect of this is diareah. Another side effect is teenage spots. I take antibiotics for the spots. The side effect of the antibiotics is… You’ve e guessed it diarrhoea! So I take loperamide for this. Before Xmas I had radioactive beads in my liver. These roughed up my tummy and bowel. Upshot is I now get a bit of pain after eating and am on a roller coaster ride controlling the diorrhea! Hope that is clear , if not ask away by all

  2. Thanks, Adrian. I am on immunotherapy, also. My doc calls it chemo…..easier to say, I guess. Hmmm. I am done with the harder of the two. I will have to ask my doc about the stomach thing. Goodness, I am really sorry for the problems you have. Thanks so much for answering all my questions–you really are a tremendous help to me!

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