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The Antics of Worth and Gates 143/366

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Worth and Gates had a lovely day out today. First they went to the Pistonheads Sunday Service which this morning was held at the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon. A lot of dreams were to be had there and Aston themselves are not averse to promoting the mythical qualities of their cars. The one above, it would seem has similar abilities to the Son of God, being able to float on water. Unfortunately, the car’s ability to feed five thousand has apparently left a rather unpleasant smell of fish in the cabin.

After this they had a mooch around the large garden centre on the A46 close to Evesham, where an idea for some box trees in square tubs in front of each column of their porch was sewn.

A busy but fun day.


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 143/366

  1. The porch is shaping up to be really lovely!

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