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The Antics of Worth and Gates 160/366

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Worth and Gates spent the day at the Worcester Royal where Worth had his immunotherapy. All went well with the treatment it just takes time.

Worth and Gates fight a losing battle to keep abreast of technology such as phones and tablets etc. Today they were bemused to receive a phone call on their iPad Mini while at the hospital. It’s not a phone, it has no sim in it! They were impressed.

Home and wired on steroids and with technology on his mind, Worth set up the DAB functionality on their new Kenwood HiFi. It worked a treat so Worth couldn’t resist using voice control, via Siri to call Mrs P from the car! Her tag is ICE Peanut for “in case of emergency”. Child that he is, he got a real kick out of saying, “Call ICE Peanut” and then, “Hi P, I’m going to gun up the GP and test the DAB in motion.”

Worth isn’t sure if he was Bond or Q today!


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