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The Antics of Worth and Gates 196/366


By about 3 in the afternoon Worth is pretty shattered on this chemo he is having. Gates firmly believes that you have to fight the tiredness, so she is pushing Worth hard in the background. After a sleep and an early dinner, she dragged him off for a walk around the block in the early evening. They live on the Malvern Hills, so such a walk includes steep gradients. She was proud of Worth’s efforts and their bond somehow was even stronger for their stroll.

If a life is to last another day or another 59 years it should have its bucket list. Worth has had a PICC line in his arm for about two years now. It will come out next week. Worth wants to swim in the Mediterranean with Gates again. No big deal you might think but for them it is everything.

Gates is going to keep him strong, strong enough to swim.


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3 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 196/366

  1. How will you get your chemo without your PICC line? I have a port in my chest for mine.

    • I had a chest one too called a Hickman line before the PICC. Previously I had chemo in tablet form and this latest chemo – Lonsurf – is tablet form too. 3 tablets in the morning and 3 in the evening for 5 days then two days off then 5 days on then two off followed by14 off. So 10 days of tablets in every 28 day cycle.

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