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The Antics of Worth and Gates 201/366

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Worth was at work today before leaving early to get his bloods done. This was tedious for him as he was tired with it being late in the day and he turned up to a very long queue. Then his paperwork turned out to be someone else’s and finally his veins decided to hide. He got home at six very tired!

Gates meanwhile had the Opel GT put through its MOT (which it passed) and took the GP to the MINI garage to further pursue a rust claim. Fingers crossed on that one. She also topped up its oil as we have found that although it has no oil leaks it does get through a fair bit of oil. Lots of antics for Gates then but not a single photograph.

Meanwhile Worth has been pondering on filters in editing apps on phone. Many of these were designed in the early days of phones when the cameras were not so good and so were quite heavy handed. Now phone cameras are much better so a heavy handed filter can kill a photo. 

Snapseed however, allows you to Control the filter strength so is an excellent photo app for the phone. Another good one is VSCO Cam which again gives filter control and tends to have gentler filters anyway.

This then was Worth’s bedtime app download and the black and white conversion at the top his first edit with the app. Worth thinks he is going to like this app.


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