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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 202/366

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The day began brightly for Worth and Gates. Sunshine and a routine trip to the hospital for a consultation and Worth to have his PICC line removed. This is a thin tube inserted in his arm and running through veins into his chest. It has facilitated the administering of chemotherapy drugs over the last 18 months. Now on tablet chemo it is no longer needed.

Unfortunately when the line was removed it snapped about an inch away from where it was inserted in his arm but inside his arm. Now Worth has been admitted overnight until such time as a vascular surgeon can remove the line.

Worth is bereft without his Gates. He is fending for himself, opening his own sandwiches and eating hospital food. There will be no Gates reading him Biggles before sleep time. There will be no fluffy grey ball of fluff known as Ola cuddling up to him in bed. Such simple pleasures. Such ordinary things but they are the magic in life. Without Gates the magic is gone. It suddenly seems so much more serious simply because she isn’t with him. A testing time then as Worth Goes it Alone. But like Biggles, Worth Will See It Through.

And Gates will be Gates. The rock that Worth leans on.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 202/366

  1. Ugh. So close….. Hopefully, they can get this out and release you. Wishing good thoughts and sending good vibes. Love you to both. XO

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