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The Antics of Worth and Gates 205/366

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Late on Friday night Worth and Gates battled their way to the Tunnel to cross to France. It was tough going and they finally crossed an hour late. By all accounts they had got away lightly with this.

However, there was a lot of traffic on the French toll roads even through the night and they lost more time. By the time they reached Lyon it was really snarled up. They have had far worse journeys but this was still bad. They elected to take the scenic route and arrive at the apartment even later but at least enjoy some fine driving rather than endure the nose to tail motorway experience all the way to St Tropez.

They headed for a place called Cruse then picked up the Napoleonic route before cutting to Draguignan then dropping down to Ste Maxime on the coast. This way they arrived at their home just after 6. 

Worth had taken them off the motorway to a lunch and refuel stop after which Peanut took over the wheel. It was funny how the scenery became stunning almost immediately and the roads brilliant to drive. Rusty driving skills were soon sharpened up and the MINI JCW Coupe thrived.

Both were tired on arrival but the apartment was clean and tidy and Peanut hadn’t brought much luggage so they were soon settled in and opted for a Miami Burger Bar for their evening meal from a place at the entrance to Port Cogolin. A fair burger in truth.

Bedtime and Gates read Biggles, an exciting one where Biggles buries a hatchet and rescues his arch enemy Eich von Stalhein. However, Worth had to laugh as Gates kept falling asleep reading it. The despair they felt at the loss of their cat Alfie and the challenges of the long drive down had emotionally and physically drained them both. They slept the sleep of the shattered.


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