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The Antics of Worth and Gates 207/366

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Worth and Gates went to St Tropez for a mooch and for Gates to get a belt shortened that he had bought last year. The shop did it free of charge and made a lovely job of it so Worth was delighted. 

They lunched at a restaurant sort of in the corner on a high level and overlooking the sea. They often go to this one and this time bad had salads. Pesquiere it’s called.

Worth tried a watch on, a Bell & Ross desert style BR1 with a ceramic case. Unfortunately it really suited him. He really wanted it but just couldn’t justify it in his head thinking how long he had left in this world. That made him sad and he had the same experience when he drooled over a Ford Mustang, which has to be the biggest head turner you can buy for £36,000! Gates pointed to a bracelet. Now that’s a purchase he could justify!

Free of shopping bags they left St Tropez for Gigaro. The route is beautiful through vineyards along narrow country roads. Worth turned the sports mode on, on their MINI JCW coupe and became Bond for 15 minutes. Gates Aks Moneypenny dutifully adopted the brace position in the passenger seat.

At Gigaro they lazed on the beach and swam in the sea and dozed in the sun. It had been a lovely day.

Back at the apartment around seven and suddenly Worrh got his back pain back. That was it day over and he had a bad evening and night of being sick which was to last to mid afternoon the following day.

Grab your fun while its there and kiss your gal when you can.


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 207/366

  1. Hope you are soon feeling fine. You are not supposed to get sick on holiday.

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