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The Antics of Worth and Gates 208/366


Unfortunately today was a bit of a write off for Worth and Gates as Worth never really got up until the evening. He had a bad night with back and tummy pains and was sick a lot. The pain had eased by morning but was still there and he was exhausted. 

Fortunately Biggles Flies East is a rather cracking spy story so Gates spent a goodly while reading it to the weakened Worth. True love shows itself in many ways. Biggles and Co have a bond and friendship that is very strong and with Gates, Worth feels he has something similar. She would do anything to fix him. Such a bond between people does in truth elude the majority so if you find such a bond, treasure it, guard it, defend it and Hell yeah revel in it.

They went to the restaurant below their flat for dinner. Gates was so looking forward to it and had dressed to please, wearing a magic slate of Murano glass in vivid green which Worth had bought her in Venice. The person wearing such a piece will always smile more but like all these things you are either a believer or a person who doesn’t allow magic into their lives.


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2 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 208/366

  1. You both are so beautiful together. Be well. Much love.

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