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The Antics of Worth and Gates 211/366

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There was no rushing to be away early when Worth and Gates left Beaune. Gates enjoyed a lovely French breakfast while Worth gloomily forced down a yoghurt. There was almost another 400 miles of driving to reach Calais and Gates realised there would be no assistance from Worth today. The trick would be to pace herself. The important thing was to reach Calais and get to UK. For most of the journey Worth  dozed fitfully. At about 5 o’clock they reached the tunnel without incident and were pleased to find they could catch the next train in 20 minutes at no extra cost. Once on the “other side” their first stop would have to be to refuel and it was then they realised another 3 hours journey home on the M25 rush hour Friday was not something that should be attempted after such a long drive. So they made the decision to stop over at Gates’s mothers and start the last leg home the next morning.  


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 211/366

  1. Gates is amazing, I must say. So glad you could rest and refuel you!

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