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The Antics of Worth and Gates 242/366

A day in the Paceman as Worth and Gates headed north to Chester to collect Worth’s Mum for a few days stay back at Beastie Folly.

Worth had his bloods done first at Worcester Royal from where they headed north on the M5, then the M6 and finally the M56. They reached Worth’s Mum at twelve thirty and then enjoyed lunch at the Farm shop close by. They returned via the A49 through Wales and reached Beastie Folly at 4.30. That was it followed by a Chinese takeaway and falling asleep watching TV.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 241/366

The Staycation carries on at pace as Worth and Gates woke to a beautiful day. They went just down the hill to The Three Counties Showground to a flea fair that was on for the bank holiday.

There were lots of stalls, lots of people, lots of bargains and lots of unusual things for sale. Worth and Gates met up with The Elf and her friend Charlotte at the fair. 

Worth was delighted with his finds. First he got a model of the Mallard a steam locomotive which they saw earlier in the year at a weekend in York. It will remind them of this lovely weekend.

Then they came across a stall specialising in aeroplane memorabilia. They found a compass that was taken from an aeroplane cockpit. It had a round dial set in a square case which was secured to the cockpit facia by four screws set in the corners of the compass case. This is the look that has become iconic as the case style predominant in watches made by the French watch company Bell & Ross. Worth has a Bell & Ross with this particular styling. He was over the moon with this find.

After the fair they went to the Swan nearby in Hanley Swan for a lovely lunch and then went home with Elfie and Charlotte to fuss Bertie.

A lovely day full of odd antics for Worth and Gates.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 240/366

After a lie-in Worth and Gates got up to find Michelle and Simon already up and entertaining the very lively Bertie. A leisurely breakfast ensued along with more chatting before Michelle and Simon left for home, but not before they had another walk up the hills where they managed to see the flyover by the Red Devils. Worth thinks Michelle and Simon were quite smitten by the Malverns.

Worth and Gates just had time to catch their breath before Bertie’s next guests – long time pals of Worth and Gates – Jenna and Michael arrived. They both adored Bertie and Gates felt that Michael had better watch his step, lest a kitten turns up to replace Michael in a war for Jenna’s affections. Worth agreed with this thought as he pondered on whether this had already happened at Beastie Folly!

Gates served pasta and pizza for dinner  after which they embarked upon a rare insight into the Mind of Michael (surely a working title for a six part BBC4 thriller about… Well it’d be about something but even at the end you wouldn’t quite be sure) as they explored Michael’s musical tastes, or preferences if you prefer.

It was a lovely day with great company and Worth and Gates went to bed contemplating how well Worth’s stay cation had started with not just three great days but three great days topped off with Worth feeling relatively fine and dandy.

Earlier in the day Nietzsche’s name had cropped up and so feeling philosophical Worth fell asleep contemplating his current favourite lament – the intransigence of youth.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 239/366

Today Worth was reunited with an old friend Michelle who he had not seen for about 26 years. Thanks to the powers of Facebook they had reconnected and had been chatting on there as Michelle enjoyed reading about The Antics of Worth and Gates. 

Way way back when the girls were all slim and moustaches were not uncommon on men, Michelle was dating a chap called Keith who was to be Worth’s best man at his first wedding to a lovely girl Sue, who on her wedding day looked as beautiful as a fairy tale Princess in her gorgeous wedding dress. Good times.

Slide forward 26 years and Worth is married to Gates and Michelle is 4 years into a relationship with Simon. There was much for them to talk about and catch up on.

Michelle and Simon came down to Beastie Folly and the four of them immediately hit it off. Michelle, from reading the Antics blog  and the Life Blog already thought of Gates as Mrs P.

They lunched at the Kettle Sings, a lovely cafe on the opposite side of The Malverns to Beastie Folly and the good food is complimented by a fine view from the hills towards Wales. After this Gates and Worth took them for a quick walk up The Malvern Hills and then into Malvern itself, where they explored the delightful Brays department store before whistle stopping the Winter Gardens, Malvern Theatre and the Abbey.

They had an enjoyable Italian evening meal at Ask which was helped along by Twinkles for Michelle, Worth and Gates. Twinkles are a cocktail with elderberry, prosecco and vodka and Worth and Gates are frankly rather partial to them. It was amusing to see Michelle borrow Gates’s fold up reading glasses to peruse the menu.

Back home and as you would expect Bertie was the star of the show quickly stealing the hearts of Michelle and Simon.

Worth and Gates went to bed that evening tired but content but not before Worth had his chapter of Biggles read to him – with age comes the need for order and pattern!

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 238/366

Worth and Gates went to Stoke on Trent for the day. Well Hanley to be precise. They were looking at watches. Gates hit lucky with this lovely Skagen watch designed to look like a constellation in the night sky. The blue shines delightfully as the watch moves and catches the light in different ways and Gates was really pleased with it.

Marks and Spencer saw success too with a blue David Gandy vest for Worth and some black jeans and a zippered top for Gates along with some very smart sweat pants that were nice and snug just where they should be. Worth has to wear vests as he can suffer the odd spot on his back due to his chemotherapy and the Gandy vests from M&S are lovely and soft and fit like a second skin. 

Pleased with their morning raid on the shops they headed to Trentham gardens for lunch. They both had a delicious steak sandwich and then explored some shops at the entrance to the gardens. A set of steak knives, a lovely quilted throw by Sandersons in cream and a matching fitted sheet were bagged there. Worth managed to resist a lovely globe of the world but is sure one is imminent as he has hankered for one for donkeys years. “When you read Biggles to me, I want to go to the globe to see where his adventure is” is Worth’s current justification for this need. 

By now it was gone three and they decided it was too late to explore the gardens so they promised themselves that they would return to that part of “the globe” soon to look at them.

It had been a good day, and back home they had a lonely Bertie to fuss and love and a sulky Ola to reassure. Slowly she is mellowing to Bertie.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 237/366

Life is becoming almost routine at Beastie Folly. Worth returned home from work to find that Gates has now almost completely removed the wooden strip off the interior of the front door frame, even after finding time to take tea with one of her friends Artemis. 

Worth is managing to work until the end of shift lately and all feels good in the world. He has now commenced a ten day stay cation and has quite a few plans up his sleeve for it.

When he got home Bertie was in the living room with Gates who had been playing with him. He was tired so Worth was delighted to have the pleasure of falling asleep on the sofa while watching World at War with Bertie next to him doing the same thing. This, Worth decided is how cats are supposed to be, so he hopes Gates will exhaust the little chappie on a regular basis just before he gets home.

Tomorrow Worth and Gates leave such simple pleasures behind and head for the Potteries to seek out square shaped things that tell the time.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 236/366

Worth spent the day in work. Meanwhile at Beastie Folly Gates did some ironing and played with Bertie, whose current favourite toy is a crumpled up piece of paper.

In the afternoon, she took ThunderBeast our MINI GP to Cotswolds in Cheltenham for an MOT. It passed. This news was texted to Worth tout de suite who sighed his relief. While Gates was waiting she went looking at cars.

She took the photo above of the BMW compound and had to check her camera settings, as at first glance she thought she had shot in black and white! Realising She hadn’t she moved along to the Aston Martin garage.

This was more like it she thought and quickly decided that if money were no object this would be her car choice.

However, this rare BMW Z3 M coupe at 38 thousand pounds also appealed. Gates likes the unusual and this pushed her buttons.

A man drove up in his Lotus Esprit to view an Aston and Gates liked this too.

Finally, Gates is not a fan of dark interiors but she was won over by this Lamborghini interior fitted out exclusively in carbon, alcantera and leather!

Gates drove the GP home a tad faster than normal!

Worth later in the evening pondered upon how dull his day had been by comparison.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 235/366

Worth had a day in work today but came home for four o’ clock as he got very tired. At home he found that Gates had been busy in the garden and decorating.

First, she had planted a lovely purple hydrangea at the front and secondly, she had done more work on the front door where a strip of wood needs to be removed. It was smiles all round as both were pleased with how things had gone.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 234/366

Worth pulled a full shift at work and was rather pleased with himself. Gates did things she loves to do – she played with their kitten Bertie and she made jam. These antics won’t set the world on fire but nonetheless they make the world of Worth and Gates turn gently on its axis.

The TV entertainment was Made in Chelsea in The South of France. They enjoyed watching this and revisiting many of their favourite places, such as Mougins and Juan les Pins and they reminisced about a lovely 3 night stay they enjoyed in Juan Le Pins what seems like a life time ago now. Worth though can still remember how simply beautiful Gates looked in Juan les Pins, especially one evening as they stared out of their bedroom window as a lighthouse strobed it’s light around their room, alternately highlighting Gates’ face as if by candlelight, then casting it into a mysterious shadow. To Worth she was a vision of delight, a vision which has never left him.