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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 220/366

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There are enough Freeloaders in the Worth household with Worth and Ola. Anyone else has to earn their keep. Worth’s Mum made a great contribution to the weeding operation. Such a shame she had to spoil it somewhat by mentioning the words “weed killer” 37 times too often. 

Sometimes in life things are sent to test us. Perhaps this was one of those times. We have passed the test and Worth’s Mum’s place at the dinner table has been earned!

Worth has had a week off work. It doesn’t suit him, it makes him melancholic. He has pondered the bigger test that has been sent to test himself and Gates. With any test victory or defeat is determined by establishing the criteria that frames the battle. So if the battle is for the life of Worth then ultimately, Worth and Gates will lose that battle. If the battle is to destroy the love of Worth and Gates, then clearly there is a different team victorious. Such contemplation is the stuff that helps Worth defeat melancholia. He loves being a winner.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 220/366

  1. You are most definitely a winner. Keep up those positive thoughts.

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