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The Antics of Worth and Gates 221/366


A pet theme for Worth over recent years has been the immense pleasure one can derive from the simple things in life.

Gates opened the Biggles book preparatory to reading Worth a fresh chapter. Oh how she agreed with Worth’s theme she thought. One simple chapter heading and her day’s happiness was complete. It was a full ten minutes before her laughter had subsided enough for her to commence reading.

Worth wanted to be hurt but in truth Gates has had such a tough week of it with Worth being off colour and also having to entertain Mum of Worth that secretly he revelled in her laughter- long missing off a face that was designed purely to laugh and smile.

Anyway, Worth went to work today and in dressing for work he managed to unearth his mojo from the drawer he had mislaid it in for the last week or so. He had a smashing day at work and he thrived on the everyday funness of the banter that bounced between his work mates Michelle, Scott and Laura, as well as the greater gang of Mike, Kasia, Kinga and Diana. They all work hard but all find the fun in everything and Laura has an irrepressible zest for life that Worth has encountered nowhere else this side of Neptune!

Yesterday Worth explained a part of getting his mojo back. Redrawing the battle lines in his fight with the Big C. The realisation that the Big C threatens to take away and destroy so much more than just life but emotions that in the lives of Worth and Gates are palpable – love – for example. Worth had now identified a battlefield on which he and Gates could be victorious.

Nevertheless Worth’s world is beginning to shrink, it’s more home based than ever before. So other things have been found on the home front to defeat any feelings of mismobbery. 

First, they will get the hall and landing  decorated. A project on the home front to keep them out of mischief.

Secondly, the loss of their beloved cat Alfie continues to hit hard. Maybe it is too soon to think of getting another cat but let’s be frank, time is not Worth’s best friend so after some long thinking they looked at a photo of a kitten on the Internet. So that’s it they are now looking for a little kitten. A girl who they will call Lacey after Algy Lacey in the Biggles books. If not a girl then a boy. Bertie after Lord Bertie Lissie in the Biggles books.

However, when the kitten turns up if those names don’t suit another will be chosen. After all, it’s not a thing Adrian is going to be obstinate about!


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2 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 221/366

  1. Such a great post. It means so much to have a great bunch of people to work with. Gates is phenomenal, but you know that already. I love the kitten names…or whatever name you select; it will be the absolute perfect name for the perfect little one. Love to you both.

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