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The Antics of Worth and Gates 226/366

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Worth and Gates met up with The Elf and some friends in Cheltenham in the morning for a coffee at Costa’s and a good giggle. After this Worth, Gates and The Elf headed to Worcester Animal Rescue Shelter so that Worth could finally meet Bertie.

Now if you recall the animal rescue centre  had provisionally named him Pod. Neither Worth or Gates were particularly enamoured with this name but at the same time were not totally comfortable changing his name. However, during the morning chat The Elf came up with a solution which was very agreeable all round. He will be known as Bertie P.O.D. This is a bit like a person with letters after their name and in this case the letters stand for “Paws Of Distinction”. Worth was delighted with this and child that he is kept repeating Bertie P.O.D. Over and over in various American TV  accents.

As for Bertie himself well it was love at first sight for Worth. Gates was delighted as she was concerned,as she had picked him on her own. Worth knew though that if Gates was smitten he would be too.

The other kittens his brothers and sisters were there too – Cheese, Biscuit and Duck. Cheese was similar to Bertie Pod only a girl. She was a lovely but sleepy bundle of fluff. Biscuit was a fluffy semi long haired tabby  and Duck was s short haired tabby. The Elf loved Biscuit but in truth Worth thought they were all adorable.

After a while of standing, Worth was tiring so they went to the office to confirm that they wanted Bertie. To their delight Worth and Gates were told that they could pick him up on Monday! Monday then is the new Christmas!

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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 226/366

  1. I am sitting here grinning like a fool. Bertie P.O.D. is precious, and the photo of him with his brother/sister is just too cute. Happy Christmas to you both! 😀

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