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The Antics of Worth and Gates 227/366

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Worth and Gates spent the day at Santa Pod Raceway for the Mini In The Park meet where they caught up with friends from the GP UK Owners Club and from the Welsh Mini Club. You can find out more on this on our sister site

On their way home they called at a pet shop for some food prior to the arrival of Bertie P.O.D. tomorrow. They also came home with Podsville a treehouse style home for Bertie with integral scratch post/entry plank.  The excitement at Beastie Folly is palpable. A mist of joy that you wade through!

On another note, as Worth climbed the steps to Beastie Folly he was struck by the loveliness of the fine job that Gates has done with the pots this year. It really does feel welcoming as you approach Beastie Folly, or Lutwyche to give it its posh name!

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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 227/366

  1. Your entryway is beautiful! Fitting welcome to little Bertie POD.

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