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The Antics of Worth and Gates 228/366

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Gates went to order some new tyres for SilverBeast their JCW Coupe first thing. Then she went for a lovely long walk on the Malvern Hills with her pal Anne. After that they had a lovely lunch at the Nag’s Head at Link Top. By this time it was time for her to collect Bertie P.O.D., so she took Anne with her.

Bertie is a black and white 9 week old kitten who is joining the family after the sad loss of their beloved Alfie.

Meanwhile, worth was at work till 3 after which he took himself to Worcester Royal to have his bloods done so the results are ready for his consultation tomorrow. He was beside himself with excitement waiting to see Bertie P.O.D.

All went smoothly with Bertie’s collection and Gates settled him into the den at the top of Beastie Folly. When Gates came home Ola rushed to meet her then promptly stopped in her tracks as she spotted Bertie in his carry cage. She seemed unsure whether she should eat him or fight him! Bertie was taken straight upstairs so at the moment Ola isn’t quite sure what is going on. Gates has decided that it will be prudent to postpone their introduction to each other until the Feliway friend that she ordered off the web has arrived. It’s a plug in device that releases calming pheromones into the atmosphere and will hopefully relax Ola. Worth is hoping it works for him too!

All went well with Worth’s hospital visit and he got home at about five. Gates was on the doorstep and greeted him with a sheepish yet triumphant smile on her face. Worth new that Bertie was home. He shot upstairs and opened the door to the den. There was no Bertie!

Eventually he found him hiding under the left hand pedestal of the desk. He enticed him out with a bell on some string. Bertie wasn’t so timid after all and was soon playing and purring. He has a deep strong purr. Worth thought it reminded him of the car exhaust! 

Worth was delighted. Bertie seems to be settling in just fine and has a huge appetite. He has never seen Ola eat as much food in one sitting as Bertie did.

As you would expect, Worth and Gates reminisced about Alfie and Ola’s arrival. Their world was a happy one!

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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 228/366

  1. Wonderful post! Oh, little Bertie is so cute. Good luck with the doctor visit tomorrow.

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