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The Antics of Worth and Gates 236/366

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Worth spent the day in work. Meanwhile at Beastie Folly Gates did some ironing and played with Bertie, whose current favourite toy is a crumpled up piece of paper.

In the afternoon, she took ThunderBeast our MINI GP to Cotswolds in Cheltenham for an MOT. It passed. This news was texted to Worth tout de suite who sighed his relief. While Gates was waiting she went looking at cars.

She took the photo above of the BMW compound and had to check her camera settings, as at first glance she thought she had shot in black and white! Realising She hadn’t she moved along to the Aston Martin garage.

This was more like it she thought and quickly decided that if money were no object this would be her car choice.

However, this rare BMW Z3 M coupe at 38 thousand pounds also appealed. Gates likes the unusual and this pushed her buttons.

A man drove up in his Lotus Esprit to view an Aston and Gates liked this too.

Finally, Gates is not a fan of dark interiors but she was won over by this Lamborghini interior fitted out exclusively in carbon, alcantera and leather!

Gates drove the GP home a tad faster than normal!

Worth later in the evening pondered upon how dull his day had been by comparison.


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