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The Antics of Worth and Gates 237/366

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Life is becoming almost routine at Beastie Folly. Worth returned home from work to find that Gates has now almost completely removed the wooden strip off the interior of the front door frame, even after finding time to take tea with one of her friends Artemis. 

Worth is managing to work until the end of shift lately and all feels good in the world. He has now commenced a ten day stay cation and has quite a few plans up his sleeve for it.

When he got home Bertie was in the living room with Gates who had been playing with him. He was tired so Worth was delighted to have the pleasure of falling asleep on the sofa while watching World at War with Bertie next to him doing the same thing. This, Worth decided is how cats are supposed to be, so he hopes Gates will exhaust the little chappie on a regular basis just before he gets home.

Tomorrow Worth and Gates leave such simple pleasures behind and head for the Potteries to seek out square shaped things that tell the time.


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