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The Antics of Worth and Gates 238/366

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Worth and Gates went to Stoke on Trent for the day. Well Hanley to be precise. They were looking at watches. Gates hit lucky with this lovely Skagen watch designed to look like a constellation in the night sky. The blue shines delightfully as the watch moves and catches the light in different ways and Gates was really pleased with it.

Marks and Spencer saw success too with a blue David Gandy vest for Worth and some black jeans and a zippered top for Gates along with some very smart sweat pants that were nice and snug just where they should be. Worth has to wear vests as he can suffer the odd spot on his back due to his chemotherapy and the Gandy vests from M&S are lovely and soft and fit like a second skin. 

Pleased with their morning raid on the shops they headed to Trentham gardens for lunch. They both had a delicious steak sandwich and then explored some shops at the entrance to the gardens. A set of steak knives, a lovely quilted throw by Sandersons in cream and a matching fitted sheet were bagged there. Worth managed to resist a lovely globe of the world but is sure one is imminent as he has hankered for one for donkeys years. “When you read Biggles to me, I want to go to the globe to see where his adventure is” is Worth’s current justification for this need. 

By now it was gone three and they decided it was too late to explore the gardens so they promised themselves that they would return to that part of “the globe” soon to look at them.

It had been a good day, and back home they had a lonely Bertie to fuss and love and a sulky Ola to reassure. Slowly she is mellowing to Bertie.


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