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The Antics of Worth and Gates 239/366

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Today Worth was reunited with an old friend Michelle who he had not seen for about 26 years. Thanks to the powers of Facebook they had reconnected and had been chatting on there as Michelle enjoyed reading about The Antics of Worth and Gates. 

Way way back when the girls were all slim and moustaches were not uncommon on men, Michelle was dating a chap called Keith who was to be Worth’s best man at his first wedding to a lovely girl Sue, who on her wedding day looked as beautiful as a fairy tale Princess in her gorgeous wedding dress. Good times.

Slide forward 26 years and Worth is married to Gates and Michelle is 4 years into a relationship with Simon. There was much for them to talk about and catch up on.

Michelle and Simon came down to Beastie Folly and the four of them immediately hit it off. Michelle, from reading the Antics blog  and the Life Blog already thought of Gates as Mrs P.

They lunched at the Kettle Sings, a lovely cafe on the opposite side of The Malverns to Beastie Folly and the good food is complimented by a fine view from the hills towards Wales. After this Gates and Worth took them for a quick walk up The Malvern Hills and then into Malvern itself, where they explored the delightful Brays department store before whistle stopping the Winter Gardens, Malvern Theatre and the Abbey.

They had an enjoyable Italian evening meal at Ask which was helped along by Twinkles for Michelle, Worth and Gates. Twinkles are a cocktail with elderberry, prosecco and vodka and Worth and Gates are frankly rather partial to them. It was amusing to see Michelle borrow Gates’s fold up reading glasses to peruse the menu.

Back home and as you would expect Bertie was the star of the show quickly stealing the hearts of Michelle and Simon.

Worth and Gates went to bed that evening tired but content but not before Worth had his chapter of Biggles read to him – with age comes the need for order and pattern!


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