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The Antics of Worth and Gates 240/366

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After a lie-in Worth and Gates got up to find Michelle and Simon already up and entertaining the very lively Bertie. A leisurely breakfast ensued along with more chatting before Michelle and Simon left for home, but not before they had another walk up the hills where they managed to see the flyover by the Red Devils. Worth thinks Michelle and Simon were quite smitten by the Malverns.

Worth and Gates just had time to catch their breath before Bertie’s next guests – long time pals of Worth and Gates – Jenna and Michael arrived. They both adored Bertie and Gates felt that Michael had better watch his step, lest a kitten turns up to replace Michael in a war for Jenna’s affections. Worth agreed with this thought as he pondered on whether this had already happened at Beastie Folly!

Gates served pasta and pizza for dinner  after which they embarked upon a rare insight into the Mind of Michael (surely a working title for a six part BBC4 thriller about… Well it’d be about something but even at the end you wouldn’t quite be sure) as they explored Michael’s musical tastes, or preferences if you prefer.

It was a lovely day with great company and Worth and Gates went to bed contemplating how well Worth’s stay cation had started with not just three great days but three great days topped off with Worth feeling relatively fine and dandy.

Earlier in the day Nietzsche’s name had cropped up and so feeling philosophical Worth fell asleep contemplating his current favourite lament – the intransigence of youth.


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 240/366

  1. Bertie is so darn cute! Glad you are feeling well, Worth. Very glad.

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