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The Antics of Worth and Gates 235/366

Worth had a day in work today but came home for four o’ clock as he got very tired. At home he found that Gates had been busy in the garden and decorating.

First, she had planted a lovely purple hydrangea at the front and secondly, she had done more work on the front door where a strip of wood needs to be removed. It was smiles all round as both were pleased with how things had gone.


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The Antics of Worth and Gates 234/366

Worth pulled a full shift at work and was rather pleased with himself. Gates did things she loves to do – she played with their kitten Bertie and she made jam. These antics won’t set the world on fire but nonetheless they make the world of Worth and Gates turn gently on its axis.

The TV entertainment was Made in Chelsea in The South of France. They enjoyed watching this and revisiting many of their favourite places, such as Mougins and Juan les Pins and they reminisced about a lovely 3 night stay they enjoyed in Juan Le Pins what seems like a life time ago now. Worth though can still remember how simply beautiful Gates looked in Juan les Pins, especially one evening as they stared out of their bedroom window as a lighthouse strobed it’s light around their room, alternately highlighting Gates’ face as if by candlelight, then casting it into a mysterious shadow. To Worth she was a vision of delight, a vision which has never left him.

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 232/366

A repeat of yesterday in the Worth and Gates home. Gates continued undercoating the front door and adding some panelling to the stairway while Worth lazed about feeling decidedly rough with his tummy.

The door looks rather good in grey but they are sticking with the black they had before which should show of the shiny brass door accessories.

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The Antics of Worth And Gates 231/366

Worth was under the weather and stayed off work, so he spent much of the day in bed. He was very tired. He couldn’t even sleep in Bertie’s room as Bertie is the most active and lively kitten in the world and when Worth tried this he just bounced all over him constantly.

Gates meanwhile had a more productive day busying herself undercoating the front door. The worker not working and the retiree working her butt off!

Worth did remain very upbeat even though he was under the weather which was good, so all in all a good day in Beastie Folly.


The Antics of Worth and Gates 230/366

Worth finished work a little early feeling very tired and achy. Gates at home had not been idle. She had been rubbing the front door down prior to painting it. Worth felt there was more prepping to do. Seems he lacked tact saying this. On consideration Worth is pleased that the plastic bucket in the picture was not stuck on his head using the sealant gun, also visible in the picture. On further consideration, Worth wishes that Gates had stuck the bucket on his head using the sealant gun. It would have been far preferable to the telling off he received instead.


The Antics of Worth and Gates 229/366

Gates collected Worth from work at 13.30 as he had a consultation at Worcester Royal Hospital. All went well, Worth’s blood results were fine and all looks good for his next cycle of chemotherapy. The wait had not been too long so they had time to collect some shirts that Worth had ordered from one of his favourite shops in Malvern – Cox’s Menswear in Malvern Link. While collecting his shirts he spotted a Gant Jumper in his size which turned out to look rather well on, so he bought that as well. His wardrobe has been improving of late as he replaces ole clothes with new items in a smaller size!

Next door to Cox’s is a pet shop where they found a perfect igloo style cat bed for Bertie. They rushed off home to show Bertie his new bed.

Bertie is shaping up to be a lovely friendly cat with a big purr, but Ola is not warming to him at all. Worth and Gates have their work cut out there!