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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 271/366

Thursday. Work for Worth, paint washing and rubbing down for Gates. The first of seven light switches / plugs was swapped out. “Paranoid”, the new Police thriller, was their TV diet. No Antics, just an ordinary day in ordinary lives. Nonetheless a good day to cherish.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 270/366

Wednesday. Worth went to work. He got there a tad later than he has been doing at 9.30 because he is very slow out of the blocks in the mornings. However, once he gets going he feels fine and soon got his teeth into a few small projects that came his way. Gates meanwhile was rubbing down and cleaning woodwork in the hall and landing getting it ready to be painted.

Worth had gone to work in the GP and he came home along the back roads as he filled up with some Shell V-power. He hadn’t driven the GP for a few days, so it was fun discovering again just how exciting ThunderBeast is to drive. It’s not their quickest car but it is probably the most exciting. For those not familiar with the noise and power delivery from a supercharger it is hard to explain, but if you have owned one for any length of time, then you know. Worth arrived home exhilarated! 

Gates was waiting for him with a big smile, and he felt like he was in an epic movie, steam billowing around him as he climbed off the Flying Scotsman and into Gates’s waiting arms. Nothing wrong with Worth’s imagination as he moved across the station platform and into the warm inviting café for a coffee. Yes Worth has a lot in common with Walter Mitty, his life is always that little bit larger, his bubble that little bit bigger. On one level he is a complicated little man but on another level he is very straightforward with nothing giving him greater pleasure than making Gates laugh.

After a lovely pork dinner Worth rang his Mother to hear the drama of the broken fridge freezer. Can he maybe get one for her on the internet?

Hotpoint – Check

Delivery – Check

Collect old one – Check

Take away all packaging – Check

Install – Check.

Change door from right hand hinge to left hand hinged opening – Nah Naaaa! 

Apparently this is really easy but the fitters won’t do it. Too risky then. So some other poor Buggar will have to help Worth’s Mum with this one, he’s fallen at the 6th hurdle!

Frustrated Worth needed to end the evening with an episode of Castle to calm him down.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 269/366

Gates dropped Worth off at work in the morning and collected him again at 1.30. He had a CT scan booked for three in the afternoon. They just had time for a coffee and then reported in for the CT scan. They called Worth straight away to have his cannula fitted and this, for Worth, is the hardest part of the procedure. Sure enough it was only on the third attempt that they were successful in attaching the cannula. Some more waiting around followed while he drank a cup of water and then he was in for the scan. 

Once out it was a fifteen minute wait to ensure he felt fine and then the cannula was removed and they were free to go. They had a friend Linda, who lived in Kidderminster so they had arranged to see her. They popped round to her house for a coffee and then went to a local pub for dinner. Linda had an Italian dish, Gates had Bream and Worth had good old fish and chips. Puddings all round and in truth it was all very nice. Linda had recently had a holiday in Ireland and it was interesting hearing her adventures over there.

Worth and Gates were home just in time to see Michael Portillo exploring the Swiss railways on television. Worth pondered on whether or not it was a rare art making railway trips seem interesting. Certainly Portillo does this, while looking rather bright and dapper throughout.

Bertie had been shut in the back bedroom so unfettered, he spent the whole evening rushing around like a mini whirlwind and has now mastered opening the cat flap through his newly fitted chip, which was fitted on Monday when he got the snip! Despite the whirlwind at their feet the house seemed peaceful without the decorator in and with Brenda now back at her home in Ashford. Worth and Gates snuggled up to each other revelling in the relative calm that the evening offered.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 268/366

Worth was feeling pretty well and had enjoyed a feeling of well-being throughout the weekend. He did a full stint at work then, while Gates looked after thing on the home front.
The decorator finished all bar a small bit on the landing where he ran out. Gates will quickly get some more so that he can finish the job. It really does look good. Bertie meanwhile had the chop today. Worth expected to see a subdued Bertie when he got home from work but far from it. Bertie was as relentless and as full of energy as ever. Worth has never known a cat with so much energy in his life. His first cat Sooty was never like this as a kitten and Ola wasn’t either. Gates really does have her work cut out on the home front, taking care of Bertie and entertaining Brenda.

Brenda had wanted to take Worth and gates out for dinner but Worth’s back was aching so they had a Chines takeaway and watch Cold Feet instead. A big day for poor Bertie but otherwise antic free, except that they had made up their mind on the chandelier!

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 267/366

Saturday had seen Worth, Gates and Brenda in Cheltenham for what turned out to be a reasonably successful shopping day. Sunday saw them head to Ludlow, a small but prosperous Market town on the Welsh borders. A modest but interesting market is held in the main square and here a couple of Jack Reacher books were purchased. Some pies on display looked very tempting too and subliminally it turned out that they dictated what was to be eaten at lunch. Worth saw a large rug with a huge red classic Mini on it and he thought of some of his friends in the MINI community that Worth and Gates enjoy so much.

From the market they mooched in the shops, stopping first at a shop specialising in old watches but there was nothing in there that caught Worth’s eye. He has a suspicion that as the watch that has caught his eye is a Cartier for £5000 he will not be buying any new watches any time soon! Next, a gift shop called to them and Gates saw a tiny stainless steel Giraffe that doubled as a ring holder and coyly asked if she could have it. She had already decided she was having the ickle Jaffy but Worth found it endearing the way she asked!

As they came out of the shop a beautiful old Morgan Three Wheeler drove by and parked in a lonely spot on the street. It demanded to be photographed creating a timeless image in the oldie worldie setting of Ludlow. It was getting a lot of attention from passers-by – Gates and Worth included – and this they thought, was nice to see.

Wandering further Gates spotted a Crew Clothing shop. A few weeks earlier they had been in one of these shops in Stoke on Trent, at the Trentham Gardens Centre and Gates had tried on a lovely blue Barbour like jacket. It fitted beautifully but she hesitated and decided to leave it. Seeing the shop again, Gates thought an element of fate was coming into play. She went in and “Hey Presto!” the jacket was there. On it went and it fit perfectly. Then she noticed 20% off. The jacket was bought.

Further exploring saw them see a few interesting gift and furniture shops. A pewter trombone and a similarly styled violin caught their eye and while they were not right for their house it set them thinking about getting one or two new ornaments for on their landing.

They stumbled upon a quaint tea shop for lunch where Brenda ordered a Ludlow pasty and Gates had a monster of a sausage roll. Worth settled for Pate with white bread toast. Afterwards Worth popped back into the Crew shop to look more closely at the men’s stuff. What he found was a cream padded Gilet for Gates. It was a perfect fit but didn’t seem to have any discount. Worth asked and yes that too had 20% off, so in the bag it went.

The afternoon was still young so they nipped to Hereford for a quick look. It is not as picture perfect as Ludlow but nonetheless it has a charm and the cathedral is beautiful. Gates nabbed a polo top in Debenhams which caught their eye and Worth and Gates shared a delicious pastry over a cup of tea. It ended a lovely jaunt out.

Poldark closed out the evening and that naughty man Biggles was waiting for them in the bedroom. He is chasing down some Gun Runners in the Sudan in Africa and fervently wishing his efforts would be as successful as the shopping trip had been for Worth and Gates today.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 266/366

Saturday morning saw Worth , Gates and Gates’s Mum Brenda up bright and early, as the decorator needed to finish the job over the weekend to get it finished. They needed to find a new light fitting for the landing, something a bit grander to fit the new décor. They popped to Francis Of Malvern to look what they had. They seem to have cut back on their lighting so they were a little disappointed at first. However, one light fitting caught their eye and they noticed a catalogue for the company. In there they spotted a lovely antique brass chandelier with 5 candles which were covered with cream ribbon wrapped shades. This looked lovely and became the one to beat. 

Cheltenham next and a look in Dunelm Mill to see if there was something more affordable that had appeal. Alas it looked like a case of you get what you pay for. A shame as Worth is a big fan of Dunelm and has in the past picked up a lot of good things from there. They then looked in the furniture stores on the estates there but no lights caught there eye. However, Worth spotted a tapestry of the World hung on an old bar done in the shabby chic style. He liked it a lot but at £100 felt he needed to think some more on it.

From there they went to Montpellier in Cheltenham and walked around the Suffolk parade area. A few light shops and shops with small furniture in dot through this area. Another chandelier caught their eye but on reflection being the crystal chandelier type it was fussier than they wanted. Meanwhile Worth spotted the same tapestry of the World for sale. This time it was £40 so that was swiftly purchased, along with a beautiful trinket boss in a marble pattern under acrylic. Worth was delighted but his 60 notes of purchasing had not helped one bit in their hunt for a light fitting 

A light lunch in a café close by followed and a bit more mooching and it was time for home.

The evening was spent watching Strictly Come Dancing, which nicely rounded off a very pleasant day.


The Antics Of Worth and Gates 265/364

Worth went to work on the Friday but only lasted till lunchtime. He was just shattered.

Meanwhile on the home front the decorating is taking shape big time now as some of the top paper has started to go up. 

Gates carries on as always holding things together with another lovely dinner that is a little wasted on Worth just at the moment. He’s sure he will get some energy back soon though.


The Antics Of Worth And Gates 264/366

Worth went to work in the morning but only managed an hour. He was shattered walking across the car park and up the stairs in reception to his place of work. Gates later found out that this was because he was very anaemic due to a low haemoglobin result on his bloods. His upset tummy was not done yet either so he went back home where he overdosed on 5USA and could be close to the bathroom.

Gates meanwhile had been changing here pots over from the summer season to Autumn, as chaos still reigned inside with the decorating. That said this was definitely coming together very nicely and he will probably begin wallpapering proper on Friday.

Gates’s Mum Brenda arrived on the 5.20 train, so the weekend will involve entertaining her. Maybe looking at a new chandelier for the landing and a new carpet will cover one of the days.

Gates cooked a lovely dinner involving lamb shanks followed by homemade apple and blackberry crumble and custard. Yes someone did wipe their finger over the spout of the custard jug instead of allowing the drips of custard to land in the saucer on which the custard jug resides. Worth has strong views on this and finds it as disgusting as having to march through the smokers who hang around the entrance to the hospital next to the no smoking sides. These morons often have only one leg having already lost one through smoking and there they are poor souls demonstrating their apparent illiteracy too as they puff away by the no smoking signs. Anyway, let’s hope that’s the last time the custard bowl gets wiped by a dirty finger. Let’s not even ponder a gravy bowl….

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 263/366

Worth, accompanied as always by Gates went for a consultation today. All was good with his blood results and Worth mentioned a stitch like pain in his tummy. The consultant examined him and it wasn’t his liver. Worth felt sure that that diagnosis on its own would cure the pain! He escaped the hospital but immediately succumbed to an upset tummy so forsake work for a day at home within easy reach of the bathroom.

To amuse him, Gates dressed up in some recent clothes purchases and Worth did an article on it on their fashion site,

Worth is in some ways a very complex man, tortured and tormented, a natural fault finder with incredible attention to detail. Juxtaposed with this is a boyish charm and frankness- a real heart on the sleeve approach to life, driven by a natural enthusiasm for life that at time oozes out of every pore in his body. Gates understands the tortured soul, but it is the boy Worth, turning on the charm, the passion and the zest for life that she loves. This is the man that feels so smug at having a 59 nine year old Wife who looks mid forties at most. Maybe he has rose tinted glasses but he would argue the point till the cows come home. Worth’s bubble is not for bursting. He is one of that rare breed of men – a very very happy terminally ill man, a man who is content to like the man he sees in the mirror even if he does still torture himself on occasion.