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The Antics of Worth and Gates 244/366


Today was a day of driving. First though Gates had a haircut and Worth amused himself with lunch in Malvern with his Mum and a mooch around the shops.

Gates looking beautiful with her swish new haircut rejoined them at the car. Then they hit the motorway to go to Worth’s Uncle Roy’s home in Warrington. They hadn’t seen him in ages and if the motorway had anything to do with it they still wouldn’t! Eventually they came off the three laner and weaved there via a memory invoking route through Knutsford.

They didn’t stay long as they had a lot of driving still to do but they left him some super drinks to stimulate the brain made by souvenade. Soon he will be the new crossword King on the block!

Finally Worth’s Mum was dropped off and at 7.00 they headed home along the A49 through Wales.

Well guess what? Just shy of Church Stretton the road was closed and no obvious diversion was offered. Aided by the sat nav they meandered through some scary single track road and finally made it to Church Stretton from where they could carry on. 

At Craven Arms they stopped at a chip shop called Route49 and shared a portion of fish and chips. It had been a long and trying day for both Worth and Gates but now with a portion of chips to share and home almost in sight they began to ease up! They had split the fish into two pieces but as they got stuck in Worth had too much fish. He asked Gates if she wanted some more fish?

“Well yes I do but I’ve got my magic knickers on and they are not compatible with more fish.” Worth burst into a fit of laughter at this and it seemed that the stresses and strains of the last few days and the long drive they were on evaporated. Further discussions ensued. Gates noted how Worth likes balance in his food for instance there must be the right amount of fish for the size of the chip portion. In this case there were a hell of a lot of chips! ” To balance those chips your fish would have to be a shark,”  observed Gates drily. Worth once more laughed uncontrollably.

Slowly but surely Worth and Gates were throwing off their stresses and strains and by the time they got home they were once more the Worth and Gates they like to be.

PS ladies, should you require further information on what exactly “magic knickers”are please direct your question to Gates using the comments box below. Gentleman, please do not ask as necessarily an explanation would make them magic no longer.


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2 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 244/366

  1. Ha! I think here in the States, we call them Spanx. They kind of keep you firmed up. Gates, I hope that is where the ‘magic’ in the name comes in!

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