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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 245/366

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Worth’s Staycation ran on at pace. Saturday morning saw them set off to meet Worth’s cousin Lorraine at Bicester Shopping Village at 10.30. However, worth underestimated the trip and they were late arriving at eleven. Luckily parking at this very busy piglet centre proved to be s doddle.

Lorraine was hoping to find a Burberry trench coat. Worth and Gates teased out the moment by looking at every shop before they reached Burberry. Worth even bagged himself some smart slouch trousers for sitting around home in at Hugo Boss.

Finally they reached Burberry and a complete anti climax. I don’t think they had a single size 10 or 12 in stock, or if they did they were in some outlandish and unpopular colour. Certainly nothing in the classic  colours.

Lorraine then was out of luck. 

Gates saw a handbag she liked at Kate Spade. She was after a black handbag that would go with most things. Worth wasn’t sure as it had s prominent cerise trim so really would not have footed the criteria. They left it but really Gates wanted it. All a bit unsatisfactory really as Gates did not make it clear just how much she liked it. Had he known he would have been very happy to get it knowing that if need be they could still get an all black handbag another time.

Next up and Worth spotted a Hamilton Ventura watch in white. It looked perfect on Gates’s wrist but she turned it down. This time Worth was upset as he loved it on her and felt that there are few lady’s watches with more style and flair. It was very Gates indeed.

They had enjoyed a lovely lunch earlier at the centre and by now Worth was tiring and needed his 3pm siesta. So Gates drove home across country while Worth had a doze and Lorraine followed in her own car having driven up to Bicester in her own car.

Gates leisurely made dinner last night which was chicken, leek and potato pie and the three of them chatted away through the evening.

A good but at times frustrating shopping day.

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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 245/366

  1. I do love Kate Spade bags…have quite a few myself. Gates does need that bag!

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