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The Antics of Worth and Gates 247/366

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Monday morning and Worth dragged himself to work, which in truth went OK. Gates meanwhile had a busy day managing things on the Home front. First she let the carpenter in who had arrived to remove the old bannisters and spindles and replace them with new ones. Then she had a trip to the tip to get rid of a fair few bags of garden rubbish, and a trip to the spring to get some more spring water. Worth rang her at lunch time for an update on the stairs and found her busy at the tip. They both wonder how Gates ever found time to work!

Worth left work at 3 as he had to go to the hospital in Worcester to have his blood taken to see if he was now ok to resume his chemotherapy treatment. He got home a little after 5 to find that the staircase was evolving nicely, and Bertie was in receipt of some much needed love and attention from Gates. Worth joined in and then they spent the evening catching up on Beck a Scandinavian detective story and then they watched the new Cold Feet series on TV. Bertie is fascinated by television and chases the moving shapes on the screen. This is fine but he gets in the way of the sub titles on Beck!

Life is routine just now so Biggles and bed ended the day.


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 247/366

  1. Bertie likes TV? So cute. I have had more retired friends say exactly what you said, “How did I have time to work?!”

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