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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 248/366

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Another day at work for Worth so no antics for him. Gates meanwhile busied herself at home while the carpenter progressed with the work on the hall and landing bannisters.

All looked good when Worth returned from work and after a light dinner they spent the evening in front of the TV before retiring to bed with Ola for some more Biggles. It really amuses and delights Worth to see how Gates looks forward to these times as much as he does. “ Do you want a bit of story?” Gates asks him with a glint in her eye and a smile that promises so much fun. Well it is fun but it also is Biggles being read by Gates, nothing more and very definitely nothing less. It’s good very good. 

Worth’s favourite times are when Erich von Stalhein, Colonel Raymond, or Bertie talk, as Gates has very definite accents for them, which bring out the class in Raymond’s voice, the Prussian snobbery in von Stalhein’s stiff demeanour and again the class in Bertie’s accent, softened by a sense of fun and of not taking things too seriously that comes through when Bertie talks. Yet when the going gets tough, Bertie can change and Gates’s portrayal of him changes to match. Gates has talents still to be explored, still to be discovered and Worth knows this.

In the absence of antics today, let me tell you one from Saturday that I forgot to mention. While at Bicester Shopping Village Worth’s cousin Lorraine said she wanted to go into the Prada shop. There was a queue which they joined. As soon as they got in Worth realised he needed the toilet. This became a matter of some importance. So he told the girls and headed off to the toilets just next door. In due course he returned, mentally turning the episode into a Biggles type adventure with the mission being accomplished successfully. Like all bomber pilots returning from successfully hitting target he was in a good frame of mind! 

The queue was still there, perhaps even bigger now. Worth explained to the smartly dressed security chap (bouncer) that he had just been in the shop and that his wife and cousin were still in there, so could he please re-join them?

“I’m sorry Sir but you will have to queue.”

“But I’ve queued once and my Wife is in there already, she will be unlikely to buy anything without me.” Worth was getting riled. Did he really look like a pimply nosed teenager just trying to jump the queue?

“I’m sorry Sir but you will have to queue.” This intransigence was unreasonable to Worth’s eye.

“Ok, then can you please go and fetch my Wife out of your store please?”

“ I can’t do that Sir”

“Then can I just go and fetch her please?”

“I’m sorry Sir but you will have to queue.”

“I’m sorry that is not good enough, please fetch my Wife or I will call for her.”

“ I can’t do that Sir.”

At this point Worth took a step closer to the entrance, cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted at the top of his voice, “CHRIS……”

“ Stop shouting Sir.”

“ Then please fetch my Wife immediately, or let me fetch her.”

“ Go and fetch your Wife.”

Worth stepped in and found his wife almost immediately, she had been upstairs but was on her way down having heard Worth shout for her. Worth sends his apologies to Lorraine if he shortened her shop around Prada. Let’s just say that you will not see any Prada goods on The Friday Cool fashion blog that Worth and Gates also have, anytime soon.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 248/366

  1. I refuse to patronize stores like that. I mean, really!!

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