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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 249/366

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Worth was slow into work and a tad early out of work due to his back aching. He needed a bit more time for his back to ease off so he only arrived in work at 10. He was home for 4 and feeling very tired. The carpenter had all but finished the stairs and Gates was on her way back from the hospital where she had been collecting Worth’s new cycle of chemotherapy tablets.

Worth and Gates were delighted with the stairs and as a consequence had the chap measure the kitchen with a view to fitting new doors, kickboards lighting panels, cornice and work tops. Hopefully that work will be done the first week in October. Things are definitely moving at pace on the home front, and Gates now needs to get stuck into the painting in the hall and landing.

An ordinary day then in the ordinary lives of Worth and Gates.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 249/366

  1. Beautiful job he did! Let me know when you have your open house! 😀

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