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The Antics of Worth And Gates 250/366

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With Worth feeling pretty OK life is pretty routine. He is a little late into work but once there he is hanging on till finish time at 5.15. 

Gates meanwhile is busying herself with paint preparation in the hall and errands in town. She is very busy and Worth really admires the way she gets stuck in to her tasks. When he got in from work he found the front door a lot further on, in its rubbing down and he could see that starting the painting is only a day’s preparation away. Worth filled some gaps in the woodwork and added some beading here and there to hide some more gaps. It was coming together nicely. 

The decorator starts on Monday, so in the evening, they ordered the ceiling paper so as not to hold him up. The wallpaper is already ordered but they are awaiting it to come into stock.

Later on in the evening, the man who had done the staircase e-mailed his quote for refurbishing the kitchen with replacement doors, kickboards, cornice and light panels etc. To be honest it was £500 more than they hoped it would be but after giving it some thought they decided to go with it. They know, the chap, they are happy with his work, you get what you pay for etc. etc. as Yul, the King of Siam might say.

On the cat front the improvement in relations between Bertie and Ola is painfully slow. Bertie remains irrepressible from the minute he wakes up to the minute he falls asleep of utter exhaustion. Ola is eating better than she has ever eaten in her life and has plumped up nicely. In truth she looks devastatingly gorgeous, which is no bad thing with Bertie frolicking about looking cute beyond belief, as he tries to grow into his back legs. I sometimes wonder if he is a kangaroo!

Bed, Biggles and a healthy dose of pretentious nonsense from Worth as he flattered Gates, while discussing the “signature” looks he has in his mind’s eye for her! Gates fell asleep giggling, Worth fell sleep mid waffle!


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