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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 251/366

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Work was done and Friday was an early finish – 4.15pm. Worth rushed home checked Gates out and decided she was well worth a snog. It was Friday and he was exuberant.

The Elf turned up at 7.30pm ready for a big day on Saturday. She was waving goodbye to CooperBeast and collecting her new Volkswagen Golf the next day.

Worth was sad to see CooperBeast leave the stable as he had often sworn that he would never let it leave the fold. However, for reasons best left alone he was now able to let the car go and let someone else have the fun and joy of it.

Friday night was fun then as there was excitement in the air on the eve of the arrival of the Golf. The Elf understandably was excited. 

Biggles was extra good that evening as Bertie showed his tough side as he faced down a man with a gun.


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