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The Antics of Worth and Gates 253/366

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Today was a quiet one for Worth and Gates. It was just the two of them. A lie in beckoned and some more Biggles was enjoyed over a cup of tea in bed. Rays of sunshine pierced narrow gaps in the bedroom shutters and demanded exploring. 

Gates decided they should go and pick some blackberries. They dressed, grabbed some breakfast and headed off to Golden Valley in PaceBeast. Gates was armed with 3 Tupperware boxes while Worth was carrying his iPhone camera.

They parked near the pond and walked along the hedge pointing towards the hills. The original path was buried under a jungle of bramble and wild blackberry bushes. Originally the hedge of the field had been made by breaking trees and bending them over and knitting them into a fence. A very traditional method. Now though the fence had gone wild and the bent branches had turned and aimed for the sun. Worth suspected the old path hid a treasure trove of discoveries. Today though with the path 30 feet further north from its original position, Gates was able to dive into a wild overgrown mass of prickly blackberries and soon filled her first Tupperware box.

Meanwhile, inspired by the sunshine and the grandeur of white fluff traversing the sky, Worth played with his camera phone.

Gates was in her element. She is a girl with many faces. A petrolhead, a nature lover, a wife consummate, a sunshine worshipper, a keen baker and a full time cat lover. So today picking freshly ripened blackberries in the sunshine and looking forward to putting them in a blackberry and apple pie, as said, she really felt in her element. Worth enjoyed seeing her like this and found it made him feel thoughtful.

However, a pair of powerful shire horses appeared and thundered by. His thoughts turned away from the past and back to now as he admired their strength. A majestic element to it he thought.

After their walk and some lunch they removed all the furniture from the hall and landing prior to the decorator starting tomorrow.

And now Poldark awaits and who knows what might ensue from that!

Don’t all shout “Biggles” at once!


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One thought on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 253/366

  1. Sounds like such a great day. You both look wonderful!

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