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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 252/366

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The Elf was home. It was a big day for her,  as she was collecting a new car.

First though we headed off to Cheltenham for coffee in Costa’s where we met my work chum Steve. He had bought CooperBeast for his wife Dawn. Dawn was excited as was Steve’s son Ryan. Paperwork was exchanged over coffee and then it was outside to explain a few things on the MINI. 

We really hope they get as much fun out of the car as we have all had over the last 13 years. The Elf got a bit upset at saying goodbye. Worth strangely felt ready to let it leave the family and have someone else enjoy it.

Finally they said their goodbyes and headed off to The Evil World of VAG where existentialism is subservient to function. The result is the best selling range of cars in the world and a world full of happy people utterly devoid of original thought. I’d like to blame Tony Blair for this but to be fair I think it goes way further back in time and we have to lay it at the feet of whoever was in charge of Germany in the late 1930s.

Anyway, the Elf collected her car and drove away as happy and serene as the next VAG driver with thoughts in her head of… Well nothing actually. But most importantly she was a very happy girl and that’s what matters.

Afterwards, The Elf took them for a run in it to The Farmers Arms. Worth sunk slowly into a peaceful doze dreaming about white fluffy clouds and enjoyed the bliss of relaxation in a car that in truth was alien to him. He wondered why more taxis weren’t VAGs. He wondered what Louboutins would look like if Volkswagen made them.

Worth and Gates shared a steak pie and chips in the pub. It was good, it was real good. He pictured a black pie, with dark grey chips and light grey carrots, topped with an off white gravy and he feared he was lost in the World of VAG.

Soon enough the Elf had to leave to go and play out in her new Golf, show it to her friends, look like a proper grown up and enjoy it.

Worth and Gates felt very pleased for her and very proud of her.

Beck, a Scandinavian detective thriller with subtitles was their evening’s entertainment.


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