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The Antics of Worth and Gates 255/366

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Worth had another full day at the office as his feeling of well-being continues. He got home though to find a tired and tearful Gates. She had a bad headache and all the mess and dust in the house is getting on top of her. Bertie is a handful on top of that and understandably it feels like everything is falling on her shoulders. Worth is not as much help as he would like to be and even he concedes that he has a critical manner which only serves to make things worse.

Worth gave Gates a big hug and a kiss. It helps but it was not the instant cure he hoped for. Worth realised he will have to make more of an effort to be appreciative of her efforts. The simple thing is for him to focus on what Gates has achieved rather than on what still has to be done. The pair of them then fixed some thick beading along the bottom edge of the top stairs to hide some messy joins and damage to the woodwork. They bonded well while they did this small job between them. It was a small job but it makes a big difference to the final look. At the same time Worth and Gates took a look at the decorator’s progress. He has transformed the ceiling on the top landing and has also plastered around the first landing window. It really is taking shape and having a good tradesman is making a massive difference. The house will be transformed once this work is completed.

Gates then cooked some cottage pie for dinner and for dessert served up more of her home made blackberry and apple pie. She then did a big pile of ironing! She never stops.

On top of all this, in the afternoon, Bertie took his first tentative steps outdoors under Gates’s supervision. He loved it and as Gates described this to Worth, she came alive with excitement, as she conveyed the fun that Bertie was having making a hundred new discoveries a minute, as he bounced around the back garden. The pleasure he gives is immeasurable! Although this does get said through gritted teeth when we find smelly little presents that he has left us on the bedroom carpet!

A good day then, if marred by Gates’s bad headache. Fingers crossed she will be back to being her old bouncy self tomorrow.


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