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The Antics of Worth and Gates 257/366

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Worth was sluggish out of bed this morning he didn’t feel right. He had a dental appointment in Evesham and arrived late for it. This stressed him out and in spite of his very attractive lady dentist blurting out how fabulous his hair looked, Worth felt even worse after his check up and polish.

His back hurt and his head hurt. He phoned work made his excuses and went back home. He found the drive hard going. Gates was in the garden demolishing (literally) a huge hebe bush and gave him a big smile as he docked. Worth managed a wan smile as he climbed the steps to Beastie Folly. He lay down in their bedroom and gradually felt better. The decorator though was busy on the landing so he rested rather than slept.

Later in the afternoon he took a look at the work the decorator had done. Remember the portal into another world that they had revealed yesterday?

Well as you can see this has now been sealed up with special anti alien plaster. Well Gates assured Worth that that was what the pink plaster was as Worth got very agitated about a possible alien infiltration at Beastie Folly. Any all is now good.

The beams overhead have been straightened and given a clean edge too.

The prep work is taking shape and W&G can see that the final job is going to look very classy indeed. On the health side Worth proceeded to make 3 trips to the bathroom in the evening which seemed to clear his pain away. Gates is convinced that basically there are occasions when Worth gets so full of s*** that it makes him ill.

Worth thinks his illness today is more likely to be attributed to the fact that today he realised (courtesy of a mate on Facebook – Chris Lewis) that he spent most of his youth impersonating Mickey Pearce of Del Boy fame!

Oh well it’s goodnight from Pearce and Gates!


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