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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 263/366

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Worth, accompanied as always by Gates went for a consultation today. All was good with his blood results and Worth mentioned a stitch like pain in his tummy. The consultant examined him and it wasn’t his liver. Worth felt sure that that diagnosis on its own would cure the pain! He escaped the hospital but immediately succumbed to an upset tummy so forsake work for a day at home within easy reach of the bathroom.

To amuse him, Gates dressed up in some recent clothes purchases and Worth did an article on it on their fashion site,

Worth is in some ways a very complex man, tortured and tormented, a natural fault finder with incredible attention to detail. Juxtaposed with this is a boyish charm and frankness- a real heart on the sleeve approach to life, driven by a natural enthusiasm for life that at time oozes out of every pore in his body. Gates understands the tortured soul, but it is the boy Worth, turning on the charm, the passion and the zest for life that she loves. This is the man that feels so smug at having a 59 nine year old Wife who looks mid forties at most. Maybe he has rose tinted glasses but he would argue the point till the cows come home. Worth’s bubble is not for bursting. He is one of that rare breed of men – a very very happy terminally ill man, a man who is content to like the man he sees in the mirror even if he does still torture himself on occasion.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 263/366

  1. It is your love for life and for fun that always keeps the both of you forever young! XOXO

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