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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 264/366


Worth went to work in the morning but only managed an hour. He was shattered walking across the car park and up the stairs in reception to his place of work. Gates later found out that this was because he was very anaemic due to a low haemoglobin result on his bloods. His upset tummy was not done yet either so he went back home where he overdosed on 5USA and could be close to the bathroom.

Gates meanwhile had been changing here pots over from the summer season to Autumn, as chaos still reigned inside with the decorating. That said this was definitely coming together very nicely and he will probably begin wallpapering proper on Friday.

Gates’s Mum Brenda arrived on the 5.20 train, so the weekend will involve entertaining her. Maybe looking at a new chandelier for the landing and a new carpet will cover one of the days.

Gates cooked a lovely dinner involving lamb shanks followed by homemade apple and blackberry crumble and custard. Yes someone did wipe their finger over the spout of the custard jug instead of allowing the drips of custard to land in the saucer on which the custard jug resides. Worth has strong views on this and finds it as disgusting as having to march through the smokers who hang around the entrance to the hospital next to the no smoking sides. These morons often have only one leg having already lost one through smoking and there they are poor souls demonstrating their apparent illiteracy too as they puff away by the no smoking signs. Anyway, let’s hope that’s the last time the custard bowl gets wiped by a dirty finger. Let’s not even ponder a gravy bowl….


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2 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 264/366

  1. Anemia….that was the start of my diagnosis last fall. Take care, Adrian. My husband went cold turkey on the smoking after 40+ years! Two years smoke-free. And the smell of smoke sickens him now. yay!

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