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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 266/366

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Saturday morning saw Worth , Gates and Gates’s Mum Brenda up bright and early, as the decorator needed to finish the job over the weekend to get it finished. They needed to find a new light fitting for the landing, something a bit grander to fit the new décor. They popped to Francis Of Malvern to look what they had. They seem to have cut back on their lighting so they were a little disappointed at first. However, one light fitting caught their eye and they noticed a catalogue for the company. In there they spotted a lovely antique brass chandelier with 5 candles which were covered with cream ribbon wrapped shades. This looked lovely and became the one to beat. 

Cheltenham next and a look in Dunelm Mill to see if there was something more affordable that had appeal. Alas it looked like a case of you get what you pay for. A shame as Worth is a big fan of Dunelm and has in the past picked up a lot of good things from there. They then looked in the furniture stores on the estates there but no lights caught there eye. However, Worth spotted a tapestry of the World hung on an old bar done in the shabby chic style. He liked it a lot but at £100 felt he needed to think some more on it.

From there they went to Montpellier in Cheltenham and walked around the Suffolk parade area. A few light shops and shops with small furniture in dot through this area. Another chandelier caught their eye but on reflection being the crystal chandelier type it was fussier than they wanted. Meanwhile Worth spotted the same tapestry of the World for sale. This time it was £40 so that was swiftly purchased, along with a beautiful trinket boss in a marble pattern under acrylic. Worth was delighted but his 60 notes of purchasing had not helped one bit in their hunt for a light fitting 

A light lunch in a café close by followed and a bit more mooching and it was time for home.

The evening was spent watching Strictly Come Dancing, which nicely rounded off a very pleasant day.


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