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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 267/366

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Saturday had seen Worth, Gates and Brenda in Cheltenham for what turned out to be a reasonably successful shopping day. Sunday saw them head to Ludlow, a small but prosperous Market town on the Welsh borders. A modest but interesting market is held in the main square and here a couple of Jack Reacher books were purchased. Some pies on display looked very tempting too and subliminally it turned out that they dictated what was to be eaten at lunch. Worth saw a large rug with a huge red classic Mini on it and he thought of some of his friends in the MINI community that Worth and Gates enjoy so much.

From the market they mooched in the shops, stopping first at a shop specialising in old watches but there was nothing in there that caught Worth’s eye. He has a suspicion that as the watch that has caught his eye is a Cartier for £5000 he will not be buying any new watches any time soon! Next, a gift shop called to them and Gates saw a tiny stainless steel Giraffe that doubled as a ring holder and coyly asked if she could have it. She had already decided she was having the ickle Jaffy but Worth found it endearing the way she asked!

As they came out of the shop a beautiful old Morgan Three Wheeler drove by and parked in a lonely spot on the street. It demanded to be photographed creating a timeless image in the oldie worldie setting of Ludlow. It was getting a lot of attention from passers-by – Gates and Worth included – and this they thought, was nice to see.

Wandering further Gates spotted a Crew Clothing shop. A few weeks earlier they had been in one of these shops in Stoke on Trent, at the Trentham Gardens Centre and Gates had tried on a lovely blue Barbour like jacket. It fitted beautifully but she hesitated and decided to leave it. Seeing the shop again, Gates thought an element of fate was coming into play. She went in and “Hey Presto!” the jacket was there. On it went and it fit perfectly. Then she noticed 20% off. The jacket was bought.

Further exploring saw them see a few interesting gift and furniture shops. A pewter trombone and a similarly styled violin caught their eye and while they were not right for their house it set them thinking about getting one or two new ornaments for on their landing.

They stumbled upon a quaint tea shop for lunch where Brenda ordered a Ludlow pasty and Gates had a monster of a sausage roll. Worth settled for Pate with white bread toast. Afterwards Worth popped back into the Crew shop to look more closely at the men’s stuff. What he found was a cream padded Gilet for Gates. It was a perfect fit but didn’t seem to have any discount. Worth asked and yes that too had 20% off, so in the bag it went.

The afternoon was still young so they nipped to Hereford for a quick look. It is not as picture perfect as Ludlow but nonetheless it has a charm and the cathedral is beautiful. Gates nabbed a polo top in Debenhams which caught their eye and Worth and Gates shared a delicious pastry over a cup of tea. It ended a lovely jaunt out.

Poldark closed out the evening and that naughty man Biggles was waiting for them in the bedroom. He is chasing down some Gun Runners in the Sudan in Africa and fervently wishing his efforts would be as successful as the shopping trip had been for Worth and Gates today.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 267/366

  1. I thought you were going to say you bought that light fixture from the other day. At least Gates added to her wardrobe–great shopper she is!

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