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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 268/366

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Worth was feeling pretty well and had enjoyed a feeling of well-being throughout the weekend. He did a full stint at work then, while Gates looked after thing on the home front.
The decorator finished all bar a small bit on the landing where he ran out. Gates will quickly get some more so that he can finish the job. It really does look good. Bertie meanwhile had the chop today. Worth expected to see a subdued Bertie when he got home from work but far from it. Bertie was as relentless and as full of energy as ever. Worth has never known a cat with so much energy in his life. His first cat Sooty was never like this as a kitten and Ola wasn’t either. Gates really does have her work cut out on the home front, taking care of Bertie and entertaining Brenda.

Brenda had wanted to take Worth and gates out for dinner but Worth’s back was aching so they had a Chines takeaway and watch Cold Feet instead. A big day for poor Bertie but otherwise antic free, except that they had made up their mind on the chandelier!


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