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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 269/366

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Gates dropped Worth off at work in the morning and collected him again at 1.30. He had a CT scan booked for three in the afternoon. They just had time for a coffee and then reported in for the CT scan. They called Worth straight away to have his cannula fitted and this, for Worth, is the hardest part of the procedure. Sure enough it was only on the third attempt that they were successful in attaching the cannula. Some more waiting around followed while he drank a cup of water and then he was in for the scan. 

Once out it was a fifteen minute wait to ensure he felt fine and then the cannula was removed and they were free to go. They had a friend Linda, who lived in Kidderminster so they had arranged to see her. They popped round to her house for a coffee and then went to a local pub for dinner. Linda had an Italian dish, Gates had Bream and Worth had good old fish and chips. Puddings all round and in truth it was all very nice. Linda had recently had a holiday in Ireland and it was interesting hearing her adventures over there.

Worth and Gates were home just in time to see Michael Portillo exploring the Swiss railways on television. Worth pondered on whether or not it was a rare art making railway trips seem interesting. Certainly Portillo does this, while looking rather bright and dapper throughout.

Bertie had been shut in the back bedroom so unfettered, he spent the whole evening rushing around like a mini whirlwind and has now mastered opening the cat flap through his newly fitted chip, which was fitted on Monday when he got the snip! Despite the whirlwind at their feet the house seemed peaceful without the decorator in and with Brenda now back at her home in Ashford. Worth and Gates snuggled up to each other revelling in the relative calm that the evening offered.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth and Gates 269/366

  1. …and a good time was had by all. Hope your CT turns out OK. Gates new vest looks great!

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