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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 270/366

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Wednesday. Worth went to work. He got there a tad later than he has been doing at 9.30 because he is very slow out of the blocks in the mornings. However, once he gets going he feels fine and soon got his teeth into a few small projects that came his way. Gates meanwhile was rubbing down and cleaning woodwork in the hall and landing getting it ready to be painted.

Worth had gone to work in the GP and he came home along the back roads as he filled up with some Shell V-power. He hadn’t driven the GP for a few days, so it was fun discovering again just how exciting ThunderBeast is to drive. It’s not their quickest car but it is probably the most exciting. For those not familiar with the noise and power delivery from a supercharger it is hard to explain, but if you have owned one for any length of time, then you know. Worth arrived home exhilarated! 

Gates was waiting for him with a big smile, and he felt like he was in an epic movie, steam billowing around him as he climbed off the Flying Scotsman and into Gates’s waiting arms. Nothing wrong with Worth’s imagination as he moved across the station platform and into the warm inviting café for a coffee. Yes Worth has a lot in common with Walter Mitty, his life is always that little bit larger, his bubble that little bit bigger. On one level he is a complicated little man but on another level he is very straightforward with nothing giving him greater pleasure than making Gates laugh.

After a lovely pork dinner Worth rang his Mother to hear the drama of the broken fridge freezer. Can he maybe get one for her on the internet?

Hotpoint – Check

Delivery – Check

Collect old one – Check

Take away all packaging – Check

Install – Check.

Change door from right hand hinge to left hand hinged opening – Nah Naaaa! 

Apparently this is really easy but the fitters won’t do it. Too risky then. So some other poor Buggar will have to help Worth’s Mum with this one, he’s fallen at the 6th hurdle!

Frustrated Worth needed to end the evening with an episode of Castle to calm him down.


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  1. Little Bertie looks adorable!

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