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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 302/366

Worth has really perked up over the weekend. He wasn’t sick on Saturday and he hasn’t felt sick again on Sunday. Yesterday Worth and Gates both put some hard work in on the painting, though Worth quickly tired.

So today they decided that they had earned some playtime. They had a lazy morning as The Elf had come to visit on Saturday evening and had stayed for dinner. Then when the Elf went off to do whatever they do in the forest and so on, Gates and Worth left to go to The Rococo Gardens at Painswick. While these are quite small they are very pretty and the Autumnal colours and low light in the sky produced some lovely lighting for the camera. Gates was on fine form clicking away and caught some stunning shots, which will be put up on a separate blog in the next day or so.

They were both uplifted by their day out and the obvious upturn in Worth’ health.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 301/366

Bertie is growing fast and he is going to be a big, powerful cat. Gates has discovered he also has a talent for tree climbing, something Worth and Gates have never seen with their other cats. Here he is surveying the world from his newest perch.

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The Antics Of Worth and Gates 300/366

Friday night and the start of the weekend. Worth as you might well know loves flowers in the house. This bunch has kept evolving as one flower fades another takes its place and Worth has been impressed by Gates’s ingenuity in this process. The weekend begins with a lazy Friday evening doing nothing, then more painting on the landing for Saturday. A playing out day has been promised to Gates for Sunday as she has done nothing but paint all week.


The Antics Of Worth And Gates 299/366

Worth came home from work on Thursday to find more painting done and this lovely pie with chicken, ham and leek waiting for him.

Unfortunately Worth is still poorly in the tummy area and finds it hard to keep anything down at the moment. To be honest it is heartbreaking for both of them as Worth was violently sick halfway through and yet was just able to carry on later and eat his pie. This cannot go on and he might have to go back to the Doctor’s if there is no improvement.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 297/366

Yesterday Bertie was found safe and well in a nearby neighbour’s shed and things began to improve at Beastie Folly.

A trip to the doctor’s formalised plans for pain relief for Worth as his morphine was increased but so too were his laxatives.

Today, Worth went back to work but bailed out at 4 o’clock as the pain came back. However, when he got home the pain quickly eased again with rest which was good, as previously it would get worse through the evening. So he is hopeful that tomorrow will be a work day.

Further good news. Gates phoned Worth at work and told him that he would be getting a letter informing him of an appointment re clinical trials in Birmingham on 9th November. So that was positive news. Worth just has to try and be fit and well for the appointment.

Finally, a rare moment of peace and harmony is shown above as Ola and Bertie are seen together without fighting.