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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 273/366

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Saturday morning after a much needed lie -in Worth and Gates visited a local furniture shop Francis of Malvern to see about ordering the light fitting they have chosen. The lady took the details and will get back to Worth and Gates on Tuesday with a price. Hopefully all will be well on that score.

There is s lot going on on the home front. The stairs still need painting, they are awaiting a quote for a carpet for the hall and landing and on Monday the kitchen refurb begins. Worth and Gates therefore decided to take the weekend off.

Saturday afternoon then saw them at Preston Hill Climb for an American Classic car event. In truth though the American cars were thin on the ground. The hill climbing was fun and good views of it were easy to get. It was a pleasant escape from the chaos on the home front.

Back home though and the kitchen units needed emptying. Boy was that a lot of supervising for Worth as Gates got stuck into the nitty gritty of the job.

A busy day then, mostly play but some work and all washed down with a Swedish crime thriller called Beck. 

Oh and one other thing. Remember the Jack Reacher novels that Gates got in Ludlow last week? Well they are the new bedtime read as Biggles takes a rest for a week or so. Gates is doing a good job of reading them in Worth’s opinion, although sometimes Reacher  sounds a bit like Biggles. Gates though finds Reacher easier to read out loud. The language is a little simpler, the sentences much shorter making it easier to read on the fly than Biggles. 

Worth knows he is the most spoiled man he knows!


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