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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 276/366

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Worth came home from work and crashed on with a bit of DIY, changing out the old cheap nasty white plugs for some more appropriate brass ones better suited to the new decor on the hall and landing.

The house is still in chaos and they cannot finish the hall and landing for being deluged under the chaos of the kitchen refurb. Meanwhile it’s on Worth’s mind that tomorrow he gets his latest CT scan results.

The evening became quite busy as then after a chip shop supper they ordered a new gas hob after a few disdainful comments from the carpenter and gas fitter along the lines of “Are you really putting that old hob back?” That added another £300 quid to the total bill as Worth decided that he wanted a black one and a Neff one caught his eye. Gates wanted one with lots of prongs so the pans wouldn’t fall off it. This is worthy of its own name so shall be referred to as NeffBeast!

Then they had to order a fridge freezer for Worth’s Mum after being able to ascertain that the door is reversible. That lot took up the whole evening and it was a fraught Worth and Gates that headed to bed for more antics from Jack Reacher!


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