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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 277/366

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Today Worth and Gates would find out the results of Worth’s latest CT scan. The plan was for Worth to go to work and then go to the hospital afterwards with Gates. However, when he woke he was just too anxious and worked up to go to work, so they stayed at home until it was time for the scan appointment.

Fuller details can be found on the Life Blog at but basically the results were not good and the chemotherapy is not working. Worth is being referred to Heartlands in Birmingham for a trial and if that is not forthcoming he will go back on a previous chemo treatment. A blood clot was also found in his tummy so from now on it is an injection every day in his tummy to thin his blood.

Not good news then, but they came out in strong spirits and got on with life. 

On the way home they stopped in Francis’ of Malvern, a rather lovely furniture shop and ordered the chandelier they had picked for the hall. Considerably lighter in pocket they left but at least that was another piece of the jigsaw that is home decoration, fitted into the puzzle.

Once home they found that the kitchen was taking shape and the new work tops were now fitted and looking good.

Not a great day but it could have been worse and the decorating certainly filled their heads, whereas on another day the doom and gloom might have had more of a hold.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 277/366

  1. Not happy about the health news but so glad your home is shaping up just fine. Love to you both.

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