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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 288/366

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Sunday was a stay at home day for Worth and Gates. They had an egg and bacon breakfast with Lorraine, several cups of tea and a rather pleasant general chit chat to sort out the world. At about eleven Lorraine headed off for London and Worth and Gates decided to have a break from painting and do some gardening.

The bush by the front door was getting too big so they decided to cut it right back. The results were quite drastic and really Worth would prefer to take all the three bushes near the front door away completely and replace with new. However, Gates has a bigger say in the garden. It is probably the only thing that they disagree on.

They have put a table and chairs at the front of the house and it is a lovely place to enjoy a cup of tea. However, at the moment it is a little exposed.

Strictly, The Antiques Roadshow and Poldark saw them through to bed time with Reacher.

Not a bad old day all in all.


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One thought on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 288/366

  1. I am the worst at trimming up the gardens, as I tend to like them a bit wild. We compromise, though. The back yard is a bit wilder than the front yard!

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