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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 308/366


A cut, light and a dream.

This morning Worth went for a much overdue haircut. It had grown very thick and was emphasising his new thinner face making him look even older than he is. Now with it thinned out his face looks a tad less thin and it’s easier to feel good if you look good so to speak.

After his haircut Worth returned home armed with some lights and ably assisted by Gates he fitted the new chandelier on the landing. It all went to plan and both of them are delighted with their choice and the end result. So far then a cut and some light!

While they were in Waitrose picking up the light bulbs, Worth also picked up a copy of GQ for some coffee time reading instead of browsing his iPhone. It also had a watch supplement and in there was his current dream watch The Cartier de Drive. In Worth’s opinion this is the finest watch to appear in 2016 and is right at the top of his dream list, which sadly is where it will remain. Still being a Pisces Worth loves to dream and he doubts if he will ever stop dreaming.

A successful day and Worth felt chuffed to be part of a great team as he and Gates helped each other on the DIY front where Gates has been outstanding over the last couple of months.

Promotion beckons for Gates this afternoon as Worth has decided to make Gates lead fitter on the second light fitting.


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2 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 308/366

  1. You look very GQ with your haircut; very handsome, indeed. Your house is looking great, and the chandelier is perfect.

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