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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 310-311/366


A routine day, with Worth in work and Gates busy pottering at home. Gates did some sewing to adjust the curtains on the landing so they are ready to be rehung once the carpet is fitted.

The evening was spent in front of the TV finishing off watching Tutankhamun on Catch Up TV – a series that they enjoyed. 

Not an antics day then, but a normal day, an ordinary day and all the better for that. 

Tuesday and Worth felt rough. He stayed at home too poorly for work. Unfortunately chaos reigned at home. The carpet fitters arrived just after 9. Gates was showing them the job and just at the point when the three of them were on the landing outside the bathroom, Worth had to emerge at speed from the bedroom, dash into the bathroom and promptly was sick in the toilet. It was embarrassing for him and yet in some ways he just accepts it. It is his life and he cannot help feeling ill.

On the plus side Worth was too ill to take any great interest in the job and he just left them to it.

Gates meanwhile went out for a job interview. She returned a few hours later saying the interview seemed to have gone well. Another two hours and the chap rang to give her the job. Now on the one hand, let’s not get too excited, as it is just a week’s work in a school assessing room usage. But on the other hand let’s get very excited, it will pay for a very expensive handbag for Gates! Re-imagined in this way and Worth was totally delighted for Gates and hopes she can perhaps get a Louboutin week or two doing similar exercises elsewhere!

The carpets were finished. Worth rallied put on his dressing gown and inspected the job with Gates. They were both delighted and Gates paid the fitters for their work Worth, who had been cold all day, noticed that the house was warmer already.

He came down and spent the evening with Gates watching The Crown on Netflix, which they both really warmed too in spite of Dr Who’s one facial expression – Supercilious superiority!


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2 thoughts on “The Antics Of Worth And Gates 310-311/366

  1. But what does Bertie think of the new carpet? That is what matters most! 🙂

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